A podcast co-hosted by me about all things design and more

Project Overview

inFLUX is SCAD FLUX's podcast about all things design and more. Every week Zachra fills FLUX members in about any announcements for the coming weeks, while Nico Zafarana and I co-interview a new guest. These guests include SCAD students, alumni, professors, and industry professionals we find interesting.


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Project Information

As an executive member of SCAD FLUX, SCAD's UX design club, I was given the amazing opportunity to host a podcast when Nico Zafarana came up with the idea. I was excited to join him and looking back I am grateful for him including me on this amazing journey. I serve as one of the co-host and am also responsible for the distribution of the podcast using Anchor. Listen to our latest episode below!

This podcast has been a collaboration with more than just us two. Andrew Goodridge gave us our beautifully designed our cover art with variants to serve as our episode covers.

Main Cover Art
Episode Variant - Purple
Episode Variant - Blue
Episode Variant - Green
Episode Variant - Orange

The sound design was the brain child of Josh Willey. He designed a beautiful intro for us to use on each episode and volunteered to help us mix each of our episodes. This show would truly not be possible with him.

Lastly, Zachra serves as the bridge between the podcast and FLUX by announcing any important events and resources coming up.